The Padel Academy

The Academy is Play Padel's way of encouraging young minds and bodies to learn about sportsmanship and dedication from an early age.

For children 7 years and older, the academy is a place where they can exert their energy and learn about how to conduct themselves in a team. We believe sports does wonders to children in teaching them about team work and problem solving. Sports is a great way for children to understand the value of losing and the joy of winning with the team.

Our padel academy molds young minds and bodies into healthy adult minds and bodies. It's never too late to being.

Private Sessions

Interested in learning how to padel? You're in luck!

We offer private sessions with coach Fawaz AlRefaie and Coach Ruben. One on one sessions are recommended for beginners in order to receive the coach's undivided attention. Private sessions are available for anyone and everyone at any given age.

Private sessions, or PT sessions, teach you about sportsmanship, they also teach the basics, the fundamentals and the must-knows. Everything from how to hold the racket to how to throw the ball is taught by our competent and well trained coaches.


Group Sessions

Group sessions are meant to be fun and build a community of individuals sharing their love for playing padel.

We at Play Padel are all about playing and progressing as a team, helping one another achieve our goals. Group sessions accurately teach you about what the game entails, 2 players on each side, encouraging sportsmanship and love for the game itself.